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While Hamerkaz focuses on offering exciting and educational programming, security remains a top priority at all times. Israel remains a safe place to travel and millions of tourists visit Israel each year without incident. Nonetheless, we want to reassure anyone with concerns that the national leadership and staff on the ground continuously monitor the security situation and take careful precautions to keep students safe. The following are a few important guidelines pertaining to security on Hamerkaz Israel programs.

  • Hamerkaz uses a Tour Provider which maintains regular communication with the Israeli government. We receive the most updated information which allows us to take the strongest relevant precautions. A group’s itinerary will be changed immediately to reflect any heightened risk or security concerns.
  • Hamerkaz does not visit areas deemed unsafe by the Government of Israel
  • Hamerkaz programs do not use public transportation at any time.
  • Students are given detailed instructions concerning places they should not visit on their free time.


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