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Quotes of HaMerkaz Participants

“Hamerkaz was one of the most meaningful and amazing experiences I have ever had. It not only allowed me to see Israel and bond with other Jewish students, but also allowed me to experience Judaism in a way I had never before experienced it. Hamerkaz was truly an eye opening experiences and something I will never forget.”
Amy G.

“HaMerkaz was a chance to not only see, but to be a part of the heart of Judaism; learning and living in the Holy Land. On HaMerkaz, I got to experience all the sites of Israel plus more. It really helped me grow as a person and as a Jew.”
-Chad N.

“The trip to Israel was awesome. A lot of touring and many lectures on different topics. The accommodations were really nice. We visited all the major Jewish sites in Israel. I would do it again!”
-Noel R.

“The Hamerkaz Program was more than a trip to Israel, it was a re-introduction to the beautiful tradition of Judaism, a tradition that, now after the trip, I am proud and eager to be a part of.”
-Matt N.


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